About Lauren

Thorp FamilyI’m a dreamer and a doer, an odd mix of left brain and right brain. I have a creative eye for design and art, yet find myself at home in any thousand-row Excel spreadsheet. With a background in government procurement and international development, I yearned for more than a life in a cube pushing paper around. Realizing my passion for handmade, I took just under $500 and tested various ideas for online businesses.

Umba was thus born in late 2011. Begun originally as Umba Box, a curated monthly subscription box of handmade items, my business had immediate fans across the country (with international inquiries!), and quickly grew in the first few months beyond my wildest dreams. After investors approached me about investing in Umba Box, my husband and I moved the company headquarters from Washington DC to Silicon Valley then Las Vegas, after gaining a second round of seed funding through the Vegas Tech Fund and 500 Startups.

In early 2014, before the birth of my first child, I finally settled back in my hometown of St. Louis, MO into an adorable 100 year old brick home in the city with my husband, Justin. After an incredibly trying pregnancy, Miles was born in June 2014 and my world was immediately turned upside down. My erratic hours and caffeine fueled work binges were a thing of the past, and I quickly had to hone in on how to focus my time and energy to quickly and efficiently get results in my business, so that I could be present and focus on my true love- my family.

About Quick Like Foxes

Though I’m new at this mom gig, I’m learning through trial by fire about how to balance being a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, a friend, a house manager, a bookkeeper, and a nurse to my family. It’s a difficult task that is never done, but it’s a beautiful dance that is enriching my life and teaching me a lot about myself. I’d love it if you joined me on this journey of self-improvement, learning how to act quick like foxes in the not-so-exciting tasks so that we can focus our energy on what matters most.

I’m striving to do less in order to be more.

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Areas of expertise:

Planning & Organization

Juggling so many things while trying to keep an eye on the truly important areas of life, I’ve learned a thing or two about managing multiple projects and optimizing my time. Join me as I share my tips and tricks for living a purposeful, authentic life.

 Personal & Business Coaching

With a deep background in both personal and business mentorship, I’ll guide you in setting goals, implementing them, and measuring for success in both your personal life and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Building Brands

An entrepreneur at heart, I’ve launched multiple successful businesses ranging from consumer products to media & consultancy. I can help you build your business (or personal!) brand to suit your desired lifestyle.

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